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Web Development

I created my first online website (or should I say 'webpage') sometime in early 2002, using WebSpawner. It contained nothing more than a title, a horizontal rule, text in Times New Roman and a white background. Well, I guess it was more than just text. It was a story part of Joel Chandler Harris' Uncle Remus that was titled The Wonderful Tar Baby Story. I can only faintly remember, but I must have really loved that story if I went so far as to copy it out word for word in eye dialect and put it online!

In those years I became quite skilled with both Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft FrontPage (specifically the 2002/2003 versions), with the former being used to create the second most oldest website I can remember making: one about my kitty cat. Meow! And yes, that one too is still up, surprisingly... As for hosting, I used FortuneCity's free website offers and, well, they must have been pretty good considering I haven't touched it in just shy of ten years. The only difference I've noticed is the introduction of advertisements, which kind of cover up the menu so unless you turn off JavaScript in your browser you probably won't be able to navigate very far from the homepage. That also means you'll be missing out on my awesome kitty photos! :(

Anyway, let's jump a decade into the future.


Title: Rise Up Christchurch - Global Telethon

Technologies used: Adobe Photoshop CS5, PHP, MySQL & credit card processing

Title: 6.3 - Christchurch Charity Concert

Technologies used: Adobe Photoshop CS5, PHP


Title: Kristin Robotics / K-Force

Technologies used: Adobe Photoshop CS4, PHP, MySQL

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Software Development

I'm no pro when it comes to C++ but I have made a few things in C and Python, such as:

  • An interactive Mandelbrot set explorer using C in the backend for speed
  • A Python IRC bot (named woot), first released in 2009 but recently rewritten to support many modules and dynamic on-the-fly reloading, currently lurking on freenode in ##newzealand and other channels
  • A Python network downtime notifier, texting me as soon as any of my servers are unavailable for longer than a few seconds
  • A Python exam grade poller daemon (and client), which is really nothing fancy but texts me my grades as soon as they are released by using urllib2, cookielib and some regular expressions to sneakily extract session data from the returned source of a complicated Shibboleth® software package while pretending to be your average browser, then feeding the results to the API of a bulk SMS gateway & voilà

I also wrote a GUI YouTube video downloader named MooTuber in 2008 using Microsoft's C# .NET programming language but, knowing Google and YouTube that has long-since stopped working. Eureka, I could update it...

I'm an avid fan of open-source software, so always happy to release my source upon request (until I start using social coding systems like github, Google Code and others).

Also, a thanks to Digg for my discovery of this:

It's worth quite the laugh if you understand it.
Apparently that's an updated version of the original which was for Windows 2000. Nevertheless, I find it quite amusing.

Sleep Development

I was getting considerably less sleep each day while a candidate in the IB Diploma Programme, but now having graduated from it and started University I am living a healthy life with something like 5-6* hours of sleep a day. Wait. THAT'S STILL NOT HEALTHY!

* excludes assignment-is-due-tomorrow-I-haven't-started-yet days.