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Yay, pics and artsy stuff!

Photography. I love it. Ever since receiving my first digital camera, I have been at it like a Bonobo pimp. Okay not that much, but you get the picture (excuse the pun). I constantly find myself in scenic locations where I would be wishing to take a photo of something, be it a piece of grass, an animal, the harbour, the city... but not having my camera with me and missing out on the opportunity—only just. You see in that case, I would be digging for my phone which would have a relatively decent 2MP camera that would capture the moment for me in some sort of shape and form instead, like this image for example (originally taken from my dump-awesomeness-here site,

So other than the repulsive vertical scan-like lines that permeate the image, I don't think that as at all bad for my phone's camera. But then again, being in 2010, I would expect it to be flawless. I had lived with an old Samsung SGH-S500 since late 2004 (until 2009; ~6 years) and so even the crappiest, cheapest phone from today's market would have easily outdone it. You can't comment on the durability though. That ol' thing's still going strong. Anyway, I'm getting off-topic—let's get back to photography.

Some perhaps more commendable photos

Here are a few examples of better photos I came to terms with earlier on in my life:

This photo was taken of Melbourne city on New Year's Eve of 2004 (so 2005 was the new year) whilst holidaying there, while these photos were taken just a few days earlier of some animals in the one of the many beautiful sanctuaries of Melbourne.

I'm no pro, but admittedly it is my hobby from time to time and I strive to take the most-awesomeststst photos that I can.