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So… I bought a Raspberry Pi. It was really tasty, so I had to buy 300 more. Ok, so it’s not actually raspberry-flavoured and it certainly has nothing to do with pies, or the mathematical constant π either.

What it is related to, however, is electronics. In a nutshell, it’s:

  • an ARM-based, fully-featured, embedded computer scaled down to the size of a credit card
  • it has a 700MHz stock-clocked ARM CPU (ARM1176JZF-S), and
    • 256MB RAM
    • an SD card slot to store the operating system
    • HDMI + composite out
    • 100mbit LAN
    • a GPU fast enough to play full HD 1080p video
    • 2 USB 2.0 ports
    • some low-level peripherals
  • and it costs just $35USD

What a neat little thing. You can read more about it and its initiative at the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s website.

Mine actually arrived about a month ago but I never found the time to sit down and blog about it – well, now I can! And I’ve got some interesting concepts to share.

Raspberry Pi with a GPS and 3G dongle attached

My Raspberry Pi, with a 3G modem and GPS module connected, all running off a 16Ah battery

With this setup I was able to make a live GPS tracker, using as well, of course, Google’s Google Maps API. I’ll show some screenshots of that soon.

This is one step forward in the project me and a few friends have been thinking about, which is to make a quadcopter (camera included) that is controlled over the Internet. We’re still very much in the planning phase, but we have definitely made some progress and I’ll be glad to keep blogging about that as it gets formed.

32 responses to “Using the Raspberry Pi with a 3G modem and GPS module”

  1. QueKay says:

    What have you been up to with the project? Where did you reach??? I am quite interested with such module. Please have this project progress updated! Thank you! 🙂

  2. russ says:


    What 3G dongle did you use and were there any issues setting it up?



  3. SmeeZee says:

    Hi there,

    Just received mine, would be interested to get model details for peripherals you are using and hear more about how it worked? I am interested to do something with gps tracking.


  4. SR says:


    I’m interested in connecting a 3G modem in my Raspberry, the fact is that I have little knowledge about creating specific drivers in linux. You could take that Vodafone 3G modem with Raspberry?
    Thanks, and good blog!

  5. Tanmay says:

    I have been trying to use the Vodafone K3805-z with Sakis3G without much success on the raspberry Pi. I believe its something to do with USB ModeSwitch not working properly. What model have you used and with what drivers?

    WOuld really appreciate some help…


  6. SR says:

    I’m working with modem Vodafone K3765-Z. In linux with sakis3G works fine, but in raspbian..
    Try to install:
    $apt-get install libusb-dev
    and recompile sakis3g doing that:
    $sudo ./sakis3g recompile
    and then enter in no probe mode:
    $sudo ./sakis3g –interactive –noprobe
    If someone has a success please post something here.

  7. moebius_eye says:

    Hey, did you know you can use the Open-source “Open Street Maps” API and Database, so you don’t have to use an online resource?


  8. mike says:

    Can you write GPS receiver model?

  9. alex says:

    Hey, I found a tutorial explaining how to use GPS with the Raspi I hope it helps!

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  11. Thanks! I wrote a similar tutorial to use Rpi with an USB 3g modem 😉

  12. Mustafa says:

    In high altitude there may be interference problems how could you solve it ? I’m doing same but more advanced project but interference problem should be solved with a very good algorithm.

  13. Vivek Verma says:

    Hi is there any way when the raspberry pi is switched on the 3g usb modem gets connected with the internet.

  14. Saul says:

    Hi i have another version to install 3G Modem with Raspberry Pi, it is in Spanish but could help to some who wants to use Google Translate, also if you don’t want to use Google Translate it could be easy ’cause it has images to guide..

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  17. Jan says:

    Milose, ove je zanimljivo, i ja pocinjem sa raspberry pi, i trazim nesto sto mogu da napravim, zato sam naisao na ovo. I zanimljivo je.

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  19. […] GPS 跟踪器(带 3G 支持) […]

  20. vijay says:

    can u give a more detailed description of this and coding

  21. mikeeugine says:

    4 Frequency GPRS/GSM Module-EFCom Pro is an ultra compact and reliable wireless module:

  22. tracker24x7 says:

    Is it still in $35 ?

  23. Indeed it is. It’s $25 for Model A if you’re on a tight budget.

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